LITPA’s Biodynamic Lighting solution offers customized lighting for students and teachers at educational institutions with achieving a pleasant atmosphere. Our solution with biologically effective lighting and people-oriented smart lighting control system promise many advantages. 

Advantages For The Students 

  • Improved comfort and well-being 
  • Less sleepiness 
  • Increased engagement 
  • Less anxiety 
  • Better memory and concentration capabilities 
  • Improved learning and fewer errors 

Advantages For The Teachers 

  • Improved visual acuity of teachers 
  • Reduced work-related stress level 
  • Increased motivation

Study Results

  • According to studies, the level of anxiety decreases dramatically with higher lighting levels.
  • Studies have shown that the incidence of mistakes can be reduced by as much as 30 % when classrooms are illuminated appropriately.
  • A field study indicate that blue-enriched classroom lighting in the early morning hours has a positive effect on the speed of cognitive processing and concentration of students.
  • Various studies demonstrate that natural light can improve subjective mood, attention, physical activity and sleep quality in students.