LITPA’s Biodynamic Lighting solution offers customized lighting for patients and staff at medical facilities with achieving a pleasant atmosphere. Our solution with biologically effective lighting and people-oriented smart lighting control system promise many advantages. 

Advantages For The Patients 

  • Improved biological rhythms 
  • Better healing process 
  • Increased lower rates of depression 
  • Improved mood and well-being 
  • Shorter treatment time 
  • Better sleep-wake cycles 

Advantages For The Staff 

  • Improved visual acuity of staff
  • Reduced work-related stress level
  • Improved task performance
  • Enhanced work quality 

Study Results

  • 87% of nurses believe that providing adequate lighting makes patient care and decision-making more easier. 
  • Studies show that being hospitalized in healtcare facilities with higher lighting level can reduce perceived stress and perceived pain.
  • A field study indicates that inadequate illumination of the operating field is an important discomfort factor for surgeons’ task accomplishment during operations.
  • Research has shown that recovery time can be shortened optimizing the lighting level and quality.